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    Jamaica Me Tan's airbrush tanning solutions are specially formulated to enrich the skin's moisture leaving it hydrated and nourished for the best possible sunless tan.  Fortified with aloe and vitamins, our proprietary solutions are fueled with triple bronzers for the deepest, darkest, most natural tan possible.


    Jamaica Me Tan has been bronzing thousands of perfect airbrush tans all over the U.S. & two countries so far. We would love to add your area to our expanding business and watch you become successful with your Airbrush Tan Adventure.


    One airbrush spray tan takes only minutes to apply and develops fully in 8-12 hours. Our tan works well with all skin types, even fair skinned people & people who do not normally tan in the sun or a tanning bed. One session will achieve your desired results.


    Jamaica Me Tan tanning solutions leave your clients with no blotchiness, no orange coloring & no harmful ingredients! Giving each client a flawless light golden sun kiss, a beautiful cocoa brown or a deep rich bronze, and everything in between depending on what they desire.


    We also have a line of Body Products & Salon Essentials to help you give your clients the best Airbrush Tanning experience possible!


    JMT model Elsa Paige





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Jamaica Me Tan has been helping sunless tanning technicians achieve success since 2003 by providing the highest quality sunless tanning solutions, body products and tanning equipment.


Give your clients the beautiful, natural-looking tan they deserve with Jamaica Me Tan - for that just-off-the-beach glow!


We are a family owned company. All of our products are made in the USA at the Jamaica Me Tan lab in Washington State. We make our solution batches every week to ensure the best quality for our customers. Customer Service is one of our top priorities at Jamaica Me Tan, please let us know how we can help you! All pricing is wholesale.






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Jamaica Me Tan solution profit margins
1 gallon Ocho Rios including shipping $153.00
Tans per gallon approx 70
Your cost per tan $2.10
Client Spray Tan pricing $35.00 per tan
Your profit per tan $32.90
Gross Profit per gallon $2,450.00
Net Profit per gallon $2,303.00 in your pocket!
What a fantastic way to make money doing what you love using a high quality solution that produces a natural, long lasting, gorgeous tan. Your client list will grow as word spreads about your great tans!








Jamaica Me Tan Rapid Tan is now available for purchase! You can order your bottle of JMT Rapid Tan on the Airbrush Tanning Solution page under the Montego Bay, Comp Tan, Rapid Tan tab. Your clients will love being able to shower sooner & still have a fabulous JMT tan!


All Jamaica Me Tan Airbrush Solution are now available in 32 ounce bottle size!!!


Quiet Box for LVCLP Tanning System now available on our Equipment page!! Quiet Box will fit most tanning systems. Sleek & Professional this is a great new addition to the Jamaica Me Tan line!!



Now offering the Brand New Black Maxi Mist PRO series tanning system!! See our equipment page for details or to order.



Shipping Days!! Orders will ship every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning. If your order is in by 11 a.m PST on those days your order will ship same day, after 11:00 am PST your order will ship the next ship day.


Jamaica Me Tan Competition tanning solution is now available! This solution is perfect for the deepest, darkest, richest tan possible. Almost 19% DHA this solution is the ultimate tan!



NEW SHIMMER LOTION!! Jamaica Me tan is excited to offer our new Jamaica Me Tan Shimmer Lotion! This lotion is light, unscented & adds the perfect amount of shimmer to make your tan look fabulous!! Available in Silver or Gold shimmer. See our Body Products page to order yours today!


Model Vivian Kindle was tanned using Jamaica Me Tan Airbrush Tanning Solution by Airbrush Tanning by Mandy for her photo shoot with World Physique Magazine.






Jamaica Me Tan has partnered with the exciting Nationwide Syndicated Program Galtime.com! Visit www.galtime.com and check it out! If you would like your salon listed on our locations page as a salon that uses Jamaica Me Tan please email us your information.


Montego Bay & Ocho Rios are available in CLEAR solution!


Jamaica Me Tan is now offering new products for your salon! See our Salon Essentials page for new products such as mobile tanning tents and disposable spa wear, sticky feet, wrap towels & more!

Body Buttercream is available in many delicious scents! Peach, Coconut Vanilla, Pina Colada, Cucumber Melon & more, plus our customer favorites like Creamsicle & Brown Sugar. See the Body Products page to order.


We are selling DHA drops with Bronzer & in Clear. The perfect addition to your solution for that client who wants the darkest, richest tan available! See our Salon Essentials page to order.


2 oz. sample sizes of Jamaican Sun Tan Extender and Jamaica Me Chocolate Tanning Lotion are perfect for travel size options.


Sparkle Mica is available in several colors. The perfect addition to our tanning solutions to add some shimmer to your clients tan!








Sample Pack



Now you can try all three of our proprietary airbrush solutions in a convenient sample pack.  Includes  8 oz. of each of our customizable solutions - light, medium and dark. ONE PER CUSTOMER (3 lbs.)